Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbstractTypeScopeScope implementation that gives access to a type's parameters
StandardFormatDetector::AdderInterface for the modules to add detection methods
AttributeScopeScope accessing the attributes of an object
BlockExecutionControls the execution of a program block
CompositeFormatDetectorFormat detection implementation that uses several other detectors
CompositeScopeScope implementation that combines other scopes
ConstRefVariableImplementationBasic variable implentation const referencing a value
ConstScopeScope wrapper permitting only const actions
ContainerParserParser able to add children to the object
ContextScopeScope accessing the context of an object
EvaluatorProvides functions to evaluate program nodes
ExtensionFormatDetectorFormat detection implementation that uses the extension of the file
FileHigh-level input stream operations on files with bit precision
FileAnchorRAII object that insure that the file returns to its original position when the ressource is liberated
FilterEvaluate an HMDL statement on an object
FilterWidgetWidget responsible for entering the expression for filters
FormatDetectorClass used to identify the format of a file
FromFileModuleModule implementation created from an HMDL file
FromFileParserParser implementation using an HMDL class definition
FunctionScopeScope implementation that represents gives access to a function's parameters
HexFileDelegateDelegate responsible for drawing a byte cell
HexFileHeaderHeader for the hex widget
HexFileModelModel providing data for the table of the hex widget
HexFileSearchWidgetWigdet responsible for entering a search string
HexFileViewWidget managing the display of the table in the hex widget
HexFileWidgetWidget responsible for displaying the content of the file
HTMLDelegateDelegate responsible to display an item as html
LocalScopeScope implementation that allows for variables to be declared
MagicFormatDetectorFormat detection implementation that uses magic numbers
MainWindowController for all widget
MapModulePractical module implementation object using maps to generate parsers and functions
ModuleFactory for objects
ModuleLoaderManage the loading of modules
ObjectNode of the tree structure associated with a file
ObjectScopeScope implementation that gives acces to an object members and reserved variables/scopes
ObjectTypeSymbol representing a class of objects that are to be parsed in the same way
ObjectTypeTemplateTemplate for a type
OwningVariableImplementationBasic variable implentation owning a value by copy
ParserParse a bit of file into an object
ParserTypeScopeType scope implementation given a reference to a parser
Object::ParsingRAII object used to lock parsing to avoid reentrency
ProgramNode of the abstract syntaxing tree of an HMDL file
ProgramLoaderCompile and load programs
QtProgramLoaderProgram loader using some advanced Qt functions
RefVariableImplementationBasic variable implentation referencing a value
ScopeHold variables and other scopes using various values as key
SimpleParserParser that is that is always parsed fully as soon as possible
StandardFormatDetectorPractical format detection implementation used by the module loader
SyncbyteFormatDetectorFormat detection implementation that looks for the periodic repetition of a byte
TreeFileItemTree Item that represent the root of a file
TreeItemModel data for a node in the tree model
TreeModelModel managing the data structure of the tree
TreeObjectItemTree item linked with an object
TreeViewWidget responsible for displaying and manipulating the tree
TreeWidgetWidget controlling the parsing and display of files into tree structures
TypeScopeType scope implementation given a reference to a type
VariableAccesser (getter and setter) for a value
VariableImplementationActual implementation for variable
VariablePathRepresentation for a path giving access to a variable
VariantTagged union for holding values