HexFileWidget Class Reference

Widget responsible for displaying the content of the file. More...

#include <hexfilewidget.h>

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Public Slots

void setFile (const QString &path)
void gotoPosition (qint64 position)
void selectPosition (qint64 position)
void highlight (qint64 position, qint64 size)
void focus (const QModelIndex &index)
void focus (qint64 position)
void select (const QModelIndex &index)
void select (qint64 position)
void focusIn ()
void focusOut ()
void search (QByteArray pattern, bool next)
void focusSearch ()
void displayMenu (const QPoint &pos)


void selected (qint64)
void focusedIn ()
void focusedOut ()

Public Member Functions

 HexFileWidget (QWidget *parent=0)
unsigned int hexWidth () const
unsigned int charWidth () const

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
void windowActivationChange (bool oldActive)

Detailed Description

Widget responsible for displaying the content of the file.

The content is displayed as a table with bytes written in hexidecimal on the 16 first cells of a line and in ASCII on the 16 last cells of a line.

The current file is displayed, and the area of the file corresponding to the object of the current item the tree is highlighted.

The hex widget is managed by two main classes : the HexFileModel responsible for managing the data model of the table and the HexFileView responsible for displaying it.

The hex widget also contains a search widget that allows the search for strings.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HexFileWidget::HexFileWidget ( QWidget *  parent = 0)

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int HexFileWidget::charWidth ( ) const
void HexFileWidget::displayMenu ( const QPoint &  pos) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::focus ( const QModelIndex &  index) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::focus ( qint64  position) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::focusedIn ( ) [signal]
void HexFileWidget::focusedOut ( ) [signal]
void HexFileWidget::focusIn ( ) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::focusInEvent ( QFocusEvent *  event) [protected]
void HexFileWidget::focusOut ( ) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::focusOutEvent ( QFocusEvent *  event) [protected]
void HexFileWidget::focusSearch ( ) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::gotoPosition ( qint64  position) [slot]
unsigned int HexFileWidget::hexWidth ( ) const
void HexFileWidget::highlight ( qint64  position,
qint64  size 
) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::search ( QByteArray  pattern,
bool  next 
) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::select ( const QModelIndex &  index) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::select ( qint64  position) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::selected ( qint64  ) [signal]
void HexFileWidget::selectPosition ( qint64  position) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::setFile ( const QString &  path) [slot]
void HexFileWidget::windowActivationChange ( bool  oldActive) [protected]

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