TreeItem Class Reference

Model data for a node in the tree model. More...

#include <treeitem.h>

Inherited by TreeObjectItem.

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bool childrenRemoved ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TreeItem ()
bool removeChildren ()
bool removeChildren (int position, int count)
TreeItemchild (int row)
int childCount () const
int columnCount () const
QVariant data (int column) const
int row () const
TreeItemparent ()
bool hasChildren () const
void load () const
virtual bool synchronised ()
virtual QVariant clipboardValue () const
virtual bool hasStream () const
virtual bool hasLinkTo () const
virtual qint64 linkTo () const

Static Public Member Functions

static TreeItemRootItem (const QList< QVariant > &data, QObject *owner)

Protected Member Functions

 TreeItem (const QList< QVariant > &data, TreeItem *parent)
QList< QVariant > & itemData () const
virtual void doLoad () const
virtual void onChildrenRemoved ()

Detailed Description

Model data for a node in the tree model.

The class is mostly virtual : except for the root item, all items are instances of TreeObjectItem.

The item write the data in html and then relies on the HTML delegate to display it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual TreeItem::~TreeItem ( ) [inline, virtual]
TreeItem::TreeItem ( const QList< QVariant > &  data,
TreeItem parent 
) [protected]

Member Function Documentation

TreeItem* TreeItem::child ( int  row)
int TreeItem::childCount ( ) const
bool TreeItem::childrenRemoved ( ) [signal]
virtual QVariant TreeItem::clipboardValue ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

int TreeItem::columnCount ( ) const
QVariant TreeItem::data ( int  column) const
virtual void TreeItem::doLoad ( ) const [protected, virtual]
bool TreeItem::hasChildren ( ) const
virtual bool TreeItem::hasLinkTo ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

virtual bool TreeItem::hasStream ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

QList<QVariant>& TreeItem::itemData ( ) const [protected]
virtual qint64 TreeItem::linkTo ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

void TreeItem::load ( ) const
virtual void TreeItem::onChildrenRemoved ( ) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

bool TreeItem::removeChildren ( int  position,
int  count 
static TreeItem* TreeItem::RootItem ( const QList< QVariant > &  data,
QObject *  owner 
) [static]
int TreeItem::row ( ) const
virtual bool TreeItem::synchronised ( ) [virtual]

Reimplemented in TreeObjectItem.

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