HexaMonkey developper documentation

This is a documentation for those who wish to contribute to the HexaMonkey software. For those who wish to write or modify HMDL the documentation can be found here.

The code is written in C++11 and is released under the GPLv2 licence. It is divided into two main blocks : the core and the gui. The core is responsible for all file manipulation and object parsing and the gui is reponsible for the Qt graphical user interface.

The core has no library dependencies other than the standard library and rapidxml that is directly included in the code. It can be included into any project to parse files.

More details on the architecture of HexaMonkey here.

The gui is written using Qt 5.0. It is currently divided into two main widget : the tree widget and the hexadecimal widget . The tree widget is the main controller, it allows to parse files and explore the structure. The hexadecimal widget display the current file in hexadecimal form and in ASCII form, the memory area corresponding to the node selected in the tree view is highlighted.